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Scuba Diving

scapa flow wrecks
Home to the German High Seas Fleet that was scuttled here on 21st June 1919, Scapa Flow is undoubtedly one of the best dive sites in the world.

Guided dives in Scapa Flow with experienced Instructors and Divemasters is a very popular option with those qualified to dive to depths of 30m but unfamiliar with the layout and history of the breath-taking wrecks here in Orkney. 
There are also dives daily from the shore at the Churchill Barriers on Blockships sunk to protect the British Naval Fleet anchored in Scapa Flow during WWI & WWII.

These wrecks are spectacular lying in 12m of water, or less and within easy swimming distance from the shore. This dive site is ideal for certified divers who have not dived for a while, or who are not qualified for the deeper dives in Scapa Flow.

Whether you choose guided dives in Scapa Flow or the shallower blockship wrecks you should ensure that your guide will be an Instructor or Divemaster who is familiar with both the history and layout of the wrecks and experienced in the diving conditions of the area. Guided dives are typically run for both individuals and small groups and are available to everyone.

blockship remains

Remains of blockships is Scapa Flow

For guests here at Cantick Head lighthous the Scapa Scuba Dive Centre at Stromness is conveniently located.  Their website and details can be found at:

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