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Library of Hoy History

Finding information on the history and archaeology of the island of Hoy is not easy: we have managed to find a handful of references. 

For archaeology these comprise a survey conducted in 1929 but not published until 1946.  As a consequence,  it carries  no information  covering the period of  World War ll (1939-45).  A more recent survey was conducted and published in 1989 but only as an update to the earlier survey and to briefly add news on the discovery of a settlement at Whaness (on the road to Rackwick).

For church history there seem to be no records prior to the Reformation period and only a couple Statistical Accounts and the volume Fasti ecclesiae scoticanae.

Hoy Parish Boundaries

The topics covered here are intended to include:
  1.  Archaeological remains to be found in the north of the island of Hoy.
  2. Archaeological remains in the south of the island in the parish of Walls.
  3. A summary of the churches of both Hoy and South Walls.
  4. Brief biographies of the vicars and rectors of both Hoy and Walls parishes.
  5. Information on the almost complete sets of milestones found on Hoy’s roads. 
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Hoy north archaeology
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Hoy south archaeology
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Hoy's churches
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Clergy of Hoy
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Milestones on Hoy
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