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Gable End Theatre, Lyness

Gable End auditorium The community of Hoy has its own theatre which hosts concert performances, dramatic presentations (including the island's own annual pantomime) and also doubles as a cinema on a couple of occasions each month.

On the left can be seen a photograph of the auditorium and some of our Hoy neighbours who on that occasions were the performers rather than the audience and were participating in an inter-island song-share event.

Originally, the building had been  the North Hoy School. When the Hoy schools were amalgamated the building was taken over by the community and converted - by their own efforts and ingenuity - into an entertainment centre
As "incomers" from a big city we found it quite strange to actually be speaking to other members of the audience before
the performance began.  But then, why not?  After all a foyer should be much more than a place to pay for your seats (and sweets with the noisy wrappings) and here on Hoy it is.  Here you can pull up a chair, have a chat and a cup of tea or coffee before the proceedings begin.  (You can also buy an ice-cream for later on as there are no usherettes and, indeed, for film performances no interval either!

Please feel most welcome to check with us about what's on while you're here at Cantick Head.  Or, for a list of forthcoming films and live entertainment  just click on this link.

Everyone is always welcome to attend.
Gable End foyer
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